MKA: Theatre of New Writing
as a part of Let Them Eat Cake NYD 2015 present


by Expen$$$ive

At LTEC15 join them in their ex-Chinese Military VIP Executive Igloo!

The most famous supergroup you’ve never heard of and will never hear.
They’ve never released a song – hell, they’ve never written one, but this New Year’s Day they’re live in person!

Beginning through internet connections and mutual and self-admiration Expen$$$ive have done appearances and autograph signings at festivals, openings and shopping malls. Since their conception they have lost a drummer, found religion, and experienced an extreme case of exhaustion. Expen$$$ive are inspired by the likes of Brynne Edelsten, The Bad Girl’s Club, Pinterest, the city of Paris, Paris Hilton, Hotels, Pink Champagne and instagram. The group promote feminine value and raise that much of what is often seen as feminine eg. the personal, the emotional, and the aesthetic are beneficial parts of our every day existence. While some dismiss Expen$$$ive as ironic or spoof, the band has infinite self-belief. The artists have no immediate plans to produce any music and their commitment is to their fans, themselves and their brand.

“This is amazing.” – Fan, Grrlfest.
“Encore, encore, encore!” – Fans, Grrlfest.
“My sister is a huge fan.” – Sister’s fan, Found Festival.
“I’m a really big feminist too.” – Fan, Let Them Eat Cake Festival.
“You need to calm down.” – The police, accusing the band of soliciting sex acts, Let Them Eat Cake Festival.

New Years Day January 1st 2015


Werribee Park and Mansion Grounds

15 Minutes at a time.

Entry to Let Them Eat Cake:
General Release (first round) $145
Second Round $160
Entry to Expen$$$ive:

Fancy Bitch
Teen Supreme

supported by
LuckyTobie Productions
Mill O’Sullivan Security

  • This is a licensed event. Over 18’s only – Photo ID required.
  • No glass at all allowed onsite.
  • No alcohol or drugs permitted.
  • No violence will be tolerated.
  • No weapons are permitted.
  • No pass-outs.
  • Bad attitudes will not be condoned.
  • No professional recording devices of any kind are permitted.
  • You may be filmed at this event for broadcasting.
  • Keep a close eye on your friends.
  • Drink lots of water and pace yourself
  • Familiarise yourself with First Aid locations.
  • Come prepared for forecasted weather and more (it’s Melbourne).

Expen$$$ive are presented by MKA: Theatre of New Writing at Let Them Eat Cake NYD Festival


Image: Expen$$$ive

Tobias Manderson-Galvin

Last time Expen$$$ive played for MKA the cops were called, and tried to shut it down under brothel laws. Good luck this time pigs.