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Seventh Day

by Barcode People
(Qihao Liang, Tong Shu)

She has been told to go home. Not consciously. Told to go to the familiar and strangely distant location, called home.


With assistance from her flight attendant. Her driver. THE VOICE. And other perfectly ordinary guides.This is a journey through HERE and THERE to reach the familiar. The strangely distant. The eternal.


Barcode People’s The Seventh Day takes place in a world that’s indefinably IRL, social media, a video game, the present day, or a recorded memory; the virtual or the physical.


This surreal new post-internet performance work merges multi-media visuals, digital audio elements, and live performance in an intimate, fractured, and hallucinatory dialogue about belonging, transience, and utopia.


Featuring a solo performer, Chinese lanterns, early Romantic poetry from Novalis, and digital animation. The work is inspired by a Chinese tradition—the seventh day after passing away marks the homecoming day for the deceased. The spirit of the dead will revisit his/her home before reincarnation/rebirth.


#digitalfuturism #chinesetraditions  #technologicalutopia #postinternet

Barcode People (Qihao Liang, Tong Shu; with guest performer Maia Abbas) make theatre works that test the limits of technology and philosophy. Clever and cool as hell, The Seventh Day was first developed through a 2021 artist residency at Next Wave’s Mechanics Institute, Brunswick.


Premiere Season


MKA |  Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion

The venue is located in Fitzroy Gardens, next to the Model Tudor Village and the Fairies Tree, near Clarendon Street. It is a 2 min walk from Jolimont Rail Station.



Qihao Liang

Artistic Director (Barcode People):
Tong Shu

Heath Anderson


MKA’s Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion aka The Pavilion at Fitzroy Gardens is managed by Creative Spaces, a program of the City of Melbourne