MKA accept submissions year round. Please read the information below before submitting and follow the online submissions process as appropriate. We are a small company and this process is facilitated by people who primarily earn their living elsewhere. Reading scripts takes time, and we make sure all scripts are assessed by at least two readers. Feel free to follow us up by email enquiry if you haven’t heard from us after 6 months.

Welcome to MKA Literary Department

MKA | Theatre of New Writing is committed to presenting the best new writing for performance; including from writers who may be unknown to us. We receive hundreds of scripts a year from new and established poets, playwrights, script writers, and those who with passion and a pen/keyboard/dictation machine – and all of these texts are read multiple times and considered for production or development with MKA.

If you have a text, an idea for a text, or want to be in touch, and whether you are currently represented by an agent or not, the Literary Department is your first port of call at MKA | Theatre of New Writing.

“The MKA approach is fast-paced, anarchic, electric and often times energised by a sly, transgressive genius.”
 – AussieTheatre

Is your performance text for MKA?

MKA exists to produce original performance works that provoke, rebel and awe.

MKA desires contemporary texts, engaged in contemporary culture; the sort of thing that Chantal Mouffe might describe as ‘critical art’. MKA sees the stage as part of a plurality of discursive surfaces; MKA seek dreams that are have not been seen; fantasies that have not been lived; and voices that have not been heard.

Want to know more?

Let’s get a coffee/duty-free whiskey/water, come see our shows, or get yourself a copy of a recently produced work and have a read! Check out the Artists page, and see who’s come through MKA, who’s established their oeuvre with MKA, and who’s popped in to lend a star to the galaxy that is MKA.

Want to be on that list? Alright! Let’s do this!

Guidelines for Submission

Probably best not to send us (but go on it’s worth a shot):


Short Plays

We welcome (but not limited to just this):

Performance Texts
Really fucking long poems
Translated works
Works in languages other than English
Plays that have already been produced
Proposals for new works
Proposals for multiple works
Works by multiple people or teams
Something else? Try us.

What do we love?
Let’s find out.

We accept submissions from anywhere in the world and particularly delight in artists from South-East Asia, Pacific Islands, and of course Australia… but if you look at our past you’ll see works from Singapore, Wales, Scotland, Croatia, USA, and even Brisbane 😉


Please complete the submissions form fully and if you want your work read anonymously; then make up a name and don’t put your name on the script but like seriously what are you being so secretive about – we want to know you and your work; and so will our audience!


MKA is committed to upholding the highest standards of sustainable operation in its activities, and to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment. We endeavour to continually improve our environmental performance, and to aim to achieve standards that exceed minimum levels required by legislation and general codes of practice and therefore are unable to accept script submissions by post unless they’re in REALLY NICE PACKAGING, or a like already published because THE MKA LIBRARY WOULD LOVE ANOTHER BOOK PLEASE.  But mostly dont send things. TRINKETS ARE OK! Also we hate using MSWord, so please send in PDFS.

What happens next?

All texts/proposals/wishes to get a coffee are received and read by MKA’s team if readers: made up of a team of professional writers, theatre directors, academics, and other artists, the creative team including Associates and the Artistic Director.

All performance texts are also given written reader’s reports which is the foundation of any recommendation to the wider producing team and Artistic Director at regular script meetings. A decision is made on whether a meeting with the writer; further development (readings or workshops); or any thing else regarding the text is appropriate!

MKA will contact you to keep you up to date with the progress your play is making and will always inform you of the final outcome.  The large volume of submissions we receive means this process can take up to 6 months.

If you’re unsuccessful this time?

Unfortunately due to limited resources, we are unable to enter into correspondence with feedback on your play if we are not considering it for further development.  Which is not to say we wont accept new drafts of previously unsuccessful submissions.  Where possible we will advocate for those plays that are not a fit with our artistic programming but might be better suited elsewhere.  In that instance we will communicate with the writer directly.

If you are successful?

Brava! xx