Not entertaining.

— REVIEW of ‘Unsex Me’ | Adelaide Theatre Guide

Unsex Me | Review

Tony Busch | Adelaide Theatre Guide
16 Mar, 2013

Another take on transgender angst. Mark Wilson plays an actress playing Lady Macbeth.

It starts off promisingly enough with a speech from Lady Macbeth and segues into a fake TV interview which ropes in an unsuspecting audience member. This night it was someone who was prepared to give as good as he got and almost upstaged the star.

The script is predictable, complete with parental sexual abuse, graphically demonstrated when the performer put a condom on his microphone and proceeded to engage in anal intercourse with it. Not entertaining.

The piece then completely lost its way, ending with a read dissertation about guilt and dead babies.

Rating: 1 star (out of 5)

“Not entertaining.”