truly chilling

— REVIEW of ‘The Economist’ | Three Weeks

The Economist | Review

Alexandra Wilks | Three Weeks
8 Aug, 2012

 | Five Stars

Walking down a winding staircase into an intimate darkened room, audience members are tense. No one knows what to expect from a play about Anders Breivik, the man who killed 92 people in Norway, or the fictional story of a man very similar to him: Andrew Berwick. What we get is exceptional theatre: topical, fresh and extremely well acted. Charting the pivotal moments leading up to Breivik’s massacre, a sense of threat underlies the whole show while the humour is dark and uncanny. Gender roles are subverted, with the whole cast acting as Berwick (Breivik) at points, pushing the didactic message: he could be anyone. The Economist is truly chilling, by the end of the bold performance I was left shaking.

“truly chilling”