MKA fail on many counts

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10 Aug, 2012

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IT seems unfortunate that a theatre company needs to highlight the fact that it is the first to produce a play based around Anders 
Breivik – the Norwegian who went on a mass killing spree in 2011 – in order to sell its show.

Of course, the Fringe conjures up controversial pieces every year. Yet, while the subject matter may appear opportunistic (let’s not forget the two recent gun attacks in Colorado and Wisconsin), theatre ought to 
be challenging and confrontational.

No matter. Australia’s MKA fail on many counts.

Here, a female actor is used to depict Breivik as we’re speedily introduced to what (apparently) made him do what he did. But where’s the insight?

The only intriguing point they hint at, however, is this: if it’s okay to celebrate a terrorist on Guy Fawkes Night, and serial murderers Burke and Hare, who’s to say Anders Breivik won’t be treated the same way in one hundred years’ time?

“MKA fail on many counts”