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The Economist | Review

Charles Tyrer | The Reviews Hub
19 Aug, 2012

 | Five Stars

The hatred of people of a certain race and creed can often be at the core of violence. After witnessing and learning about the onslaught of millions due to stereotyping and tarnishing groups within society, one would hope the humanitarian within us all would prevail and we could live in harmony. Yet we live in a world with terrorism, in which society’s reaction mirrors the racism of the perpetrators actions; we are quick to brand whole groups but this is often to our misfortune.

Andrers Breivik’s sentencing will take place on the 24 of August, before this MKA daringly present The Economist. This is raw agitprop theatre at its most daring. The company choose to fictionalise Breivik to Berwick; not so they can divert away from his actions, but to allow them to frame the context in which he lived, and ruthlessly critique that society.

The piece opens with euphoric Norwegians smiling and waving into a foreboding future. As the conflicting ideologies of this fragmented society unfold, we soon see a 16 year old Berwick being beaten up by the police for graffiti. After being rejected from the national services, he is absorbed by computer games and thrust into a cyber-reality… into fantasy. In showing the creation of a terrorist, the piece demonstrates this is a case of nurture over nature.

This production is an example of what the fringe should be. It’s current, well-performed and takes risks. Such a raw topic is a tentative area, but the company remain respectful of Breivik’s victims. The piece demands the reassessment of the damage racism; extreme patriotism and discrimination can have upon individuals and wider society, not only through looking at the follies of one terrorist. Instead those of a society that doesn’t suspect an Aryan man of such appalling crimes until it is too late.

“This production is an example of what the fringe should be. It’s current, well-performed and takes risks. “