loud, abrasive, aggressive, and sometimes bizarre

— Review | COLD WAR | Adelaide Adventurer

COLD WAR | Review

Cold War is a loud, abrasive, aggressive, and sometimes bizarre show which I wasn’t sure if I actually enjoyed. But then I kept thinking about it afterwards and decided that, yes, I did like it and I can recommend it for those who don’t need their art to be immediately accessible. Oh, and it helps a lot if you like to rock out to punk music.

Ultimately the show is about climate change; this is made clear from the start when everyone is handed an ice cube and told to take care of it because we’ll need it later. Of course, it slowly melts through the show. A wet metaphor.

But the two performers also spend time musing sardonically on other elements of modern life and humanity, accompanied with a constant droning noise in the background, with small glimpses of hope offered here and there through all the cynicism. It alternates between these conversations (where they’ll also abduct an audience member and offer flavorless, black shaved ice to the audience) and live punk music with a political bent.

There are a few things which I think could have improved it. First, have a projector display the lyrics so the audience can sing along more easily. Secondly, one of the performers responded defensively when the audience didn’t react how they expected. I’m pretty sure it’s part of their character, but I felt it undermined the confidence the rest of the show had.

So, Cold War. It’s loud, and it’s weird. If you want to get rowdy while watching some theatre, see this show.

“loud, abrasive, aggressive, and sometimes bizarre “