Does it Matter?

— Review | BEING DEAD | 3D Radio

Being Dead (Don Quixote) | Review

Being Dead, an introspective piece by Kerith Manderson-Galvin at the Little Theatre

As we enter the theatre, we see the actor – Kerith Manderson-Galvin – drinking through a straw and whispering to themself. You get drawn in as you realise they’re whispering to you. Drawing you into their world full of insecurities and introspection.

One of the first announcements they make to the audience is that we should feel free to leave if the play isn’t to our liking, though they make it obvious this would be hurtful to them, and suggest we do it quickly while their back is turn. They talk about themselves and bring out a blanket for those who might need it.

The audience are invited to sing along or join the performer on stage to view a computer screen. There was a tech glitch during this section as the screen was meant to be projected above the set and that only happened part way through.

The actor joins us in the audience, sitting in the audience to show us how they’d ride a horse, wandering around the seats. Then inviting the audience to sit on the stage with them.

The odd quote from Don Quixote is used to involve us in their imagined world. The show culminates in a dance sequence in a formal dress which is ultimately discarded along with their clothing as they don a minimal crocheted coat and happily sing and dance along to an old Aussie classic.

Whether their insecurities are real and has been used to weave us into their world or a clever act to bond us to them – who knows? – does it matter?

“Does it matter?”