One Tonne Fruit Bowl

by Howling Spoon

The most central question is – will it be okay for fruit and veg to be thrown around in the space? Of course, I’ll clean up after, but flying kiwis/strawberries/aubergines are key. There will be several pieces – the order of which will be determined by the fruit and veg on the night. The spoon will make sure this runs smoothly. Still finalizing a list of props that could be useful – but for now is there likely to be any way of obtaining something that might pass as a huge fruit bowl – maybe a bathtub, or paddling pool, or strong round box? It would need to be able to fit a human in it. ALSO – attached is an image inspired by the new show idea of a spoon full of goodies. I’m off to Tokyo tomorrow, excited to catch up soon, sad to miss some of HHH, but hope it kicks off explosively. Do you need more info from me? Like a wee 100 word blurb or anything like that? Let me know and I’ll get onto it. Hugh

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by Howling Spoon + Hugh Silitoe


Hot!Hot!Hot! Festival, 2016
The Class Room
SiteWorks, Brunswick (Melbourne, Australia)