the Evelyn Hotel
  THE EVELYN + J A Z Z P A R T Y present  


 feat. MK-Alpha, UnofficialKerithFanClub + Mojo Juju + More!

“A damn good time? J A Z Z Party have got you covered.”
– Beat Magazine

On the cusp of David Lynch revisiting his television masterwork, ‘Twin Peaks’, Melbourne’s own mind blowing & undefinable J A Z Z Party will take you back to an eerie place where everyone knows everyone and nothing is as it seems.

On Saturday 20th May, the eve of season three hitting the airwaves, The Ev will be pulling back the red curtains on small town values in search of everything twisted, for an evening of dark & beautiful music and debaucherous fun. Involving not only the classic soundtrack of the show’s initial run, but also music from its motion picture accompaniment ‘Fire Walk With Me’ and all things Lynch! For those uninitiated with J A Z Z Party and their now legendary Monday night residencies across Melbourne, the eight piece powerhouse explodes with extraordinary musicianship, led by saxophonist, Darcy McNulty and fronted by the supreme diva, Loretta Miller with the golden boys of Melbourne’s jazz scene bringing down the house on horns, bass, drums and superb back up vocals. The group’s performance at Golden Plains festival and sold out single launch at Howler has the townspeople talking about more than just the man from another place.

Featuring special guests, and interactive performance – from MKA Theatre, Unofficial Kerith Fan Club, and The Cowboys –  this show is something else entirely. The Evelyn like you’ve never seen it before. There will be some damn fine coffee and cherry pie on the menu of course and all are welcome to go as far as they see fit, suit up Twin Peaks style!

In a town like Twin Peaks no one is innocent.
The Evelyn Hotel makes no guarantee that you will not leave this party as your nefarious doppelgänger.
The owls are not what they seem..

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20 May 2017


TWIN PEAKS EVE is presented by
the Evelyn Hotel J A Z Z Party