Great Australian Road Trip

feat. Chef Shaun Quade

Imagine you could experience every corner of our culinary landscape all in one night? We don’t just mean eating food from that local area – we mean feeling, seeing, touching and hearing it too. A total immersion of the senses. The Lûmé tour bus is prone to deviating off the usual trail, so come prepared! This is no Contiki trip…��✨

There’s more to food than taste alone.

As part of The Age Good Food Month’s Hatted Dinner series, we’re taking guests on a multi-sensory journey around Australia. Our team of chefs and creative collaborators will transport diners to some of our favourite food-driven destinations. Over 8 courses, we’re taking you on the quintessential Great Australian Roadtrip.

This show involves the use of Schedule 9 Substances

Non-alcoholic option available
We cater to dietary requirements with advance notice
This is an immersive dining event featuring live performance.

Via TOCK from $220

Nov 22-24, 2016
Lûmé, forThe Age Good Food Month’s Hatted Dinner Series

Available via group booking
directly through Lûmé

Tobias Manderson-Galvin
Shaun Quade

Tobias Manderson-Galvin | DMT Expert
Shaun Quade | Himself
Dan Gibson | Himself

SHAUN QUADE | Lûmé Head Chef

Unrestricted by the rules of formality, Shaun Quade has never been tethered to tradition. “I can’t really fit my style as a chef into a region, or a discipline or a cuisine…it’s more a constant, restless evolution. Once I create something, I always feel the need to create something better.”

Starting out young, Shaun formed his skills in the kitchens of acclaimed Australian restaurants such as Quay, Biota and Royal Mail, where he earned a reputation as a pastry wizard. As he refined his craft over the following years, Shaun’s involvement in the creative process has gained widespread recognition within the hospitality industry and led to the opening of his first restaurant, South Melbourne’s Lûmé, at the age of 32.

Known for his interdisciplinary and open-minded approach to modern cooking, Shaun is not just fascinated by what’s presented on the plate. He’s inspired by the process it took to get there, and how that translates into providing a multidisciplinary, sensory experience for Lûmé’s diners.


Great Australian Road Trip was first presented as part of
the Age Good Food Month ‘Hatted Dinner’ Series
in partnership between MK-Alpha, We Never Sleep, and Lume Restaurant

Road Trip