Fear the Sun

by Sandra Fiona Long

An installation work by Sandra Fiona Long.

Twenty one years ago the first UN Climate Change Conference aka ‘Conference of Parties’ (COP) was held, in Berlin, Germany. In her lounge room in Melbourne, Australia; Sandra connected over forty heaters together despite it only being late March.

Twenty-one years later and the COP has continued to offer empty promises, broken agreements, and corporate green-washing, so Sandra recreates her lounge room for HOT!HOT!HOT! Festival and invites you to do nothing in the room.

Definitely don’t come in and try to be active; or resist; or to rebel in anyway against her extravagant display of power.

EDITORS NOTE: Sandra says there were far less than 40 heaters and not to believe any of this flashy, electric, brilliant, shiny, fierce, top-range, super-charged, white-hot, powerful marketing copy!

“The clinks, cracks, splashes and sizzles that ensue will trigger back-of-the-neck tingles.”
Stephanie Liew: The Music on Pancake Opus 100
“this wicked installation by Sandra Fiona Long reveals the penetration of brand-marketing.”
Robert Nelson, The Age on Advertising Feature
“A chamber piece composed in an elusive key, it bends every instrument of the theatre into ephemeral harmonies where love rises to meet death, and memory imagination.”
Cameron Woodhead, The Age on Duets for Lovers and Dreamers


Hot!Hot!Hot! Festival, 2016
Under the Stairs,
SiteWorks, Brunswick (Melbourne, Australia)