mka | fitzroy gardens pavilion
in association with tenfingerz


Fast Fashun

Tenfingerz, Sarah Seahorse,
Luna Aquatica, & Sebastian Berto

The DIY or DIE fashion show!

A tonne of clothing and textile waste, otherwise destined for landfill, has been salvaged and a Fast Fashun wonderland in a pavilion in the Fitzroy Gardens is waiting for you to explore.


Tenfingerz and Famous Artist Sebastian Berto are hosting this free experience as part of Midsumma Festival and MKA Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion.


Fashion together an ensemble from the waste and then showcase it in a runway show happening every hour on the hour.


Open to all ages and all skill levels. Audiences are welcome to just view the sculptural installation and the runway shows, or participate in up-cycling the fashion waste assisted by local costume, fashion and art makers.


Fast Fashun is hosted by Tenfingerz, Sarah Seahorse, Luna Aquatica, and Famous Artist Sebastian Berto. They have been collaborating on projects for the past 6 years. Through visually impactful work and audience involvement, they aim to use their combined skillset to create art that is a tool for social change.

“Continually setting higher standards for live art and fashion”

— The Fashion Advocate


“What can only be described as a mad, technicolour, subversive and enlightened spectacle that Leigh Bowery would have been proud of.”

— The Report


Shortlisted: Green Room Award in Contemporary and Experimental Performance 2021


Jan 29 + 30, 2022



No booking required!

No language barrier

MKA | Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion

In Fitzroy Gardens, next to the Tudor Village and the Fairies Tree, near Clarendon Street. A 2 min walk from Jolimont Rail Station.


Lead Artists: 

Tenfingerz @tenfingerz

Sarah Seahorse @sarahseapony

Luna Aquatica @texturefemme

Famous Artist Sebastian Berto @sebastianberto

More at @fastfashun

Banner Image: Alexis Desaulniers-Lea featuring Iconic Jan


MKA’s Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion aka The Pavilion at Fitzroy Gardens is managed by Creative Spaces, a program of the City of Melbourne

Fast Fashun will be presented as part of Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival.