Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

a B Movies LIVE! production

It’s November 1964: In a Long Island studio, a hot mess of performers film the new science fiction movie… ‘Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster’. Martians have arrived on Earth with the sole purpose of kidnapping WOMEN! to continue the breeding stock of their dying planet!

In barely 90 chaotic minutes, as scripts fly, these DIY trashbags bring the 60s B-grade movie to life with rubbish props, costumes, special effects, terror, fallen pieces of popcorn, and then they destroy it all over again.

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Earthlings and Aliens alike!

Adapted by Kristian Fletcher with additional ideas by the original B Movies Live team Based on a Screenplay by George Garrett
Director/Thief/Writer | Kristian Fletcher (BRISBANE)
Sound Design & Composition | Chris Richards (BRISBANE)
Initial Costume Design | Kristine Von Hilderbrandt
Set + Costume Design | Kristian Fletcher + Tobias Manderson-Galvin + Cast
Cast Includes | Charlotte Fox, Sam Young, Sam’s English Friend, and more to be announced!
plus Live Foley, Special-ish Effects, electrical lighting!


B MOVIES LIVE is currently touring Queesland to sell-out audiences.

Bris-Vegas icon Kristian Fletcher launched B MOVIES LIVE in 2016. A staple of his hometown’s cult cinema and retro music scene for over 15 years, he’s dabbled in promotions with the legendary Suzi Quatro, even performed alongside Courtney Act and The Veronicas; and legendary film director John Waters dubbed him “an ambassador of cult movies”

Photos: Willem Whitfield / Model: Cecile Blackmore


I noticed a trend was happening in the USA – musical adaptations of classic B-grade films. Rather than singing zombies, I wanted to create an immersive theatre piece. Strip the movie back, take away the screen, use the original screenplay as a starting point, and build a live show from there. It would be a show which harked back to children’s pantomimes where you boo-ed the villains and applauded the heroes.I have a fondness for these 50s and 60s B movies and our treatment takes a tongue-in-cheek look back at a different time in movie making. – Kristian Fletcher

“one of those truly quirky productions”
“quirky, camp” “a lot of fun”
“a silly show”
“a B-movie science fiction feat that is a must-see”
“a must-see for B-movie fans”
“Applause signs and tin foil at the ready – this is going to get ridiculous”
“Jam packed with sci-fi cliches, awful special effects, and tropes galore”



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