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Caragh Brooks

Remember when the only thing you could do was go for a walk and go to the supermarket? 

Good Indifferent.


At ALLDIE we do things indifferently, and not for any particular reason: our apathy to corporate commitments means while we do bring you a range of ‘products’ at ‘prices’, like, whatever.


Lockdowns and stockpiling might be over, but AllDie Supermarket –  popping up for one week in January in Fitzroy Gardens – are encouraging shoppers that “if they still want to come in and get into punch-ons over toilet paper they’re most welcome.”


Artist/Supermarket Manager Caragh Brooks, recommends “swinging by for some inessentials and dread”. Hundreds of your almost-favourite products are on sale like ‘Donteathos Corn Chips’, ‘Turkish Disgust‘, and ‘Burgers Things‘. Everything in store is for sale and are completely inedible replicas.


There’s no barrier gates to pass through as you through the glass double doors, and perhaps more to the point – nothing is real. What a supermarket is doing in the middle of Fitzroy Gardens is anyone’s guess. But for anyone not totally broke after xmas and New Years, AllDie is a perfect opportunity to part with your cash.


Please note: The store will not have your must-have item, will definitely be missing you key favourites, and the in-store radio is almost entirely ads.


#exhibition #stupidmarket #installation #shoptilyourdrop #nihilism 

Brooks’ work aims to function as a critique of contemporary western culture through the use of cartoons, sculpture and text-based works. Equal parts ethnology and misanthropy, “Alldie Supermarket” is a subversive and immersive experience that explores capitalistic notions of consumerism and “supermodernity”: situations of excessive information and excessive space, while transforming the transitory, non-place of a supermarket into a must-see destination. Good. Indifferent.

Caragh Brooks

Employee of the Month | Jan ’22


Caragh Brooks



3 – 9 January, 2022

Opening Hours

MKA | Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion

ALLDIE is located in Fitzroy Gardens, next to the Model Tudor Village and the Fairies Tree, near Clarendon Street. It is a 2 min walk from Jolimont Rail Station.




Artist | Caragh Brooks

Photography | Hugh Swingler Manning @staggerleezer


MKA’s Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion aka The Pavilion at Fitzroy Gardens is managed by Creative Spaces, a program of the City of Melbourne