Excerpts from the Ascension

by Tobias Manderson-Galvin

It’s quarterly sales day. The most holy of days.
Everything is going divinely.

In Manderson-Galvin’s pop-culture soaked horror, we spend an unfeasible 30 minutes as a character goes from shoelace caught in the escalator, to a pulpy stain on a house-wive’s pumps. Ludicrous flights of fancy take the viewer across the world and to the abject present, as consumer culture, and corporate colonialism takes another victim.


“more WTFs-per-minute than I previously thought possible. Loved it.”
Festival Freak
“violently pushing against theatrical boundaries…
an almost vicious refusal to permit its audience to become bored.”
“Not your average night out at the theatre: completely present in the immediacy of its delivery and what he gives of himself. MKA!”
Rip It Up Magazine

Tobias Manderson-Galvin as Smother Hysteria

The Village Festival
Fri01 + Sat02 Nov, 2013
730pm each night, 30min duration
as part of ‘The Village Vs MKA Shows You Won’t See’ Double Bill with
Teen Makeouts by David Finnigan

A Shipping Container,
Village Festival, Edinburgh Gardens

It was only $5. That’s bang for your buck.
Count them on your fingers! Fingerbang!

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featured: Smother Hysteria