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Art Vs Science:

The Future of Food

and we may never eat again

Over the past 25 years, technological advancement in the food industry has enabled us to enjoy new flavours and experiences that were previously thought impossible.

Leading the charge are the chefs who view food as an art form. At the same time, a new faction of foodies has emerged outside the kitchen; exceptional scientists whose dedicated research and experimentation has led us to fantastical creations such as meal replacement shakes, space bars, supplement pills and cheese in a can. It’s made our world better. Or has it?

Technology is advancing at a savage velocity ― but how will that affect the future of food? To help answer that question, we invited Professor Hans Edelmen from the Prague Institute of Culinary Technology ― and several members of his research team ― to work alongside Lûmé’s kitchen creatives in a one-off, multisensory dining event as part of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in April.

This show takes place in a closed bio-medical testing facility.

Tickets start at $220

April 2017
Lûmé, for Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

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Veronica Fil
Tobias Manderson-Galvin
Nathaniel Moncrieff

Veronica Fil + Tobias Manderson-Galvin

‘Reg’ | Professor Hans Edelmen
Tobias Manderson-Galvin | Andrei Kulocik
Veronica Fil | Rochelle Oulouski
Shaun Quade | Himself
Dan Gibson | Himself
Chanelle Rogers | Orgasmic Guest
Nathaniel Moncrieff | Ecstatic Guest
Oussama Oukili | The Henchman

lighting design (night A)
Peter Field

lighting design (night B)
Fil + Manderson-Galvin

event photography
Ben Gunzberg
SHAUN QUADE | Lûmé Head Chef

Unrestricted by the rules of formality, Shaun Quade has never been tethered to tradition. “I can’t really fit my style as a chef into a region, or a discipline or a cuisine…it’s more a constant, restless evolution. Once I create something, I always feel the need to create something better.”

Starting out young, Shaun formed his skills in the kitchens of acclaimed Australian restaurants such as Quay, Biota and Royal Mail, where he earned a reputation as a pastry wizard. As he refined his craft over the following years, Shaun’s involvement in the creative process has gained widespread recognition within the hospitality industry and led to the opening of his first restaurant, South Melbourne’s Lûmé, at the age of 32.

Known for his interdisciplinary and open-minded approach to modern cooking, Shaun is not just fascinated by what’s presented on the plate. He’s inspired by the process it took to get there, and how that translates into providing a multidisciplinary, sensory experience for Lûmé’s diners.


Art Vs Science is presented as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
in partnership between MK-Alpha, We Never Sleep, and Lume Restaurant