MKA presents


Monster’s Kind
by Ty Liebelt (whalespiel)

‘I’m waiting for the abyss to gaze back.’


Your narrator, Ty Liebelt (whalespiel) is paraphrasing Nietzsche; who saw myth as a way of measuring the health of a society. Your narrator feels sick. Thinks you might be too.

Twisting style and form, The Monster’s Kind delivers a desperate, voidpunk tribute to the nightmares of old. And a last-chance intervention for those fears that still linger.

Isolated and dehumanised by factors outside their control (social, economic, moral, existential), your narrator looks to gothic pasts in order to answer that most harrowing question:

If monsters are so scary, why do they keep hiding under the bed?

Through storytelling, disjointed poems, and anxious audio recordings, The Monster’s Kind takes the audience through a theatrical scrapbook of folklore and fear.

Equal parts theatre, gig, and documentary, The Monster’s Kind is a rare, and darkly comic performance—a piercing and illuminating communion about not being human enough.

As a member of both the neurodivergent (ADHD, ASD) and LGBTQ+ communities, artist Ty Liebelt often advocates diversity, inclusivity and accurate representation of marginalised groups within creative industries. Their collective body of work as ‘whalespiel’ is founded on the idea that there are no protagonists. Just minor characters given a chance to speak.  Read more at


Premiere Season
12-16 Oct 2021


MKA | Pavilion


Created and Performed by:

Ty Liebelt


MKA | Pavilion is possible due to the support of City of Melbourne and Creative Spaces.

Ways To Drown A Fish premiere season was originally programmed as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2021, and cancelled due to the Covid-XIX pandemic.