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``Manderson-Galvin is MKA's attendant spirit, its tutelary genius.``

Tobias Manderson-Galvin
Artistic Director / Co-Founder



MKA Literary Associate | 2016-17

Vanessa Costanzo


MKA Associate Artist | 2016-17

David Unwin


MKA Creative Associate

Annie Last


MKA Associate Artist | 2016-17

Ruby Donohoe


MKA Associate Composer | 2016-17

Jules Pascoe




MKA Resident Writer | 2017

To Be Announced...


MKA Resident Writer | 2016

James O'Donoghue


MKA Resident Writer | 2016

Elizabeth Brennan


MKA Resident Writer | 2014

Morgan Rose


MKA Resident Writer | 2015

David Unwin



Tobias Manderson-Galvin is a creative leader. An award winning and highly acclaimed contemporary performance maker, writer, and sometimes cat-sitter from Melbourne, Australia.

He’s created a lot of shows. Maybe a billion. But, it’s not that many. As well as his position at MKA | Theatre of New Writing, he’s Co-Director General of UK/Australian live performance company Doppelgangster. Many years ago he played a combination of Hitler and Hasselhoff called Hitlerhoff; rumours are he’ll do it again. He’s been on terrorist watch lists since he was 19. He lives in Richmond – an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Vanessa Costanzo has written poetry, fiction and theatre for venues including Melbourne University theatre and publications including The Age. Her interest in arts administration has been facilitated by volunteer work coordinating the Melbourne ARTillery festival with Amnesty International and her experience in event planning and grant-writing stretches across several NGOs and committees. She is currently on a diversity scholarship to study improvisational comedy at The Improv. Conspiracy in Melbourne, which is near the studio where she lives and works. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University, where she was offered a scholarship, and later won the Percival Searle Prize in English Literature. In her spare time, she tries to entertain her Nonna, who is a very tough crowd.

Ruby Donohoe is a Sunshine Coast based producer, performer and performance maker. From September 2016 – June 2017, Ruby will be one of 14 International and American actors accepted into the biennial SITI Company Acting Conservatory in New York where she will be training and working with the company as an intern. She is currently facilitating and directing a show with Queensland disability arts organisation, Access Arts, with whom she has worked with since January 2015.

Ruby graduated with distinction in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama and minoring in Scenography at the Queensland University of Technology and has had the privilege of working with Dairakudikan (Japan), Egil Kipste and Max Lyandvert (NIDA), Hayden Spencer, Kokoro Dance (Canada), Leaky Heaven (Canada), Margi Brown Ash, MKA:Theatre of New Writing (Melbourne), Sarah Winter, SITI Company (New York), Strings Attached (Sydney), The Dead Puppet Society, The Only Animal (Canada),  Vancouver Burlesque Centre (Canada), Younis Bachir (La Fura Dels Baus) and Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre.

Ruby’s producing credits include Brisbane Anywhere Festival (2014 Producer In-Training; 2015 Festival Directing Producer), MKA: Theatre of New Writing (2015 subtxt Festival, Senior Producer) and The Only Animal (2013 Producing Intern, Canada).

Ruby is currently collaborating on new work Emu Wars with MKA:Theatre of New Writing & Doppelgangster (UK/Australia). Most recently her self-directed  interactive projection dance-theatre work Eye Resolution and installation An Act of Intimacy both enjoyed full-houses/sold-out seasons as part of the 2016 2high Festival (Backbone Theatre)

Composer; musician; founder of ‘Clairey Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes’; member jazz outfit ‘The Conglomerate’ & ‘JazzParty’; documentary ‘Beyond Our Ken’ (composer, 2004); film ‘The Rage in Placid Lake (contributing composer, 2003), ‘Titanic’ (composer, Doppelgangster, 2015-16), ‘Baby’ (composer, MKA/Doppelgangster, 2016).

2015 MKA Emerging Writer

MKA Associate Producer Berlin 2012; Performer; Director; Educator.

Morgan Rose is a playwright and performance maker originally from New Orleans in the United States who currently lives in Melbourne. In addition to her text-based work she has a background in Suzuki Actor Training, TheViewpoints, Composition, Slow Tempo, and Butoh. She has studied with SITI Company (NYC, USA), Pacific Performance Project (Seattle, USA), Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (Brisbane, Australia), and Dairakudakan (Hakuba, Japan). She completed a Master of Writing for Performance at VCA in 2013 under Raimondo Cortese. In 2014 she undertook a Dramaturgy Internship with Playwriting Australia under the direction of Chris Mead and the following year took part in the Besen Writers’ Programme at Malthouse under Mark Pritchard. She was a recipient of the Red Stitch INK Development Initiative in 2015 for the upcoming work Heritage (working title). Recent works include: Or Forever Hold Your Peace (dramaturg/cowriter, La Boite Indie, 2014), Forever City (writer, Riot Stage/La Mama, 2015), Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise (writer, MKA/MTC NEON), Virgins and Cowboys (writer, Flight Festival, Theatre Works, 2015), and Welcome to Nowhere (co-writer, Monash/Malthouse, 2015). She is currently the resident writer at Riot Stage Youth Theatre and a co-founder of the dramaturgy initiative Lonely Company.