by Doppelgangster

It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a clerk.
– Bertolt Brecht

Mr Jack Puntilla is a logger. He owns polar bear rugs, rugby league teams, media empires, ex-wives, cigars, and an oil spill that spells out the words ‘foul, destructive, and fading patriarchy’. Matti Flint is Puntilla’s right hand manservant – or he’s an uber driver that hasn’t closed the ride yet – ever attentive to Puntilla’s disgusting, sinful, and/or phantasmagoric barbarism… Oh and Matti falls in love with Puntilla’s daughter Eva ‘The Sawdust Princess’ Puntilla and she with him, but don’t lose sight of the $$$$$$$.

It’s the year before all of Brecht’s works come out of copyright, and before they do, Welsh+Australian performance company Doppelgangster reboot one of his broadest and ugliest folk-comedies; without permission from any one at all. Which makes perfect sense when you know that Brecht stole the play off a collaborator from Finland all those years ago. $$$!

Puntilla/Matti is a troubling, terrifying, and entertaining performance work responding to class, conflict, and changing technologies.

Set between whisky-soaked limo rides, on the set of a Bachelorette-style show called ‘Eligibility’, and in shady world-leader meetings in underground car-parks.

Puntilla/Matti delivers to you a brutalist, theatrical, and literary spectacle.

#epic #comedy

This show is in breach of international copyright law.

This show is unsuitable.

Sep-Oct 2016
Kings Cross Theatre

writing & direction
Tobias Manderson-Galvin + Dr Tom Payne,
after Bertolt Brecht

Tobias Manderson-Galvin
Dr Tom Payne
Antoinette Barboutis
Chanelle Rogers
+ to be announced Special Guest

visual design
Antoinette Barboutis

Jules Pascoe

The company of anarchic Australian playmakers were driving forces behind the acclaimed ‘Please Dont Talk About Me When I’m Gone’, Vault 2015. MKA are renowned for staging the work no-one else will; for every conceivable reason. Violent. Political. Entertaining.
“theatrical mavericks” – THE AGE

TOBIAS MANDERSON-GALVIN is a performer, performance maker and Artistic Director based in Melbourne, Australia. He co-founded MKA in 2010; Doppelgangster in 2015 and first had a terrorist ranking back in 2004. His works include ‘The Economist’, ‘Dogmeat’ & ‘Lucky’.


Dr Tom Payne is Co-Director General of Doppelgangster – a UK/Australian performance company that has been internationally recognised for exploring urgent themes related to climate change and migration. Doppelgangster is an Associate Company at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (UK) and a partner organisation to MKA Theatre of New Writing (Australia). He was recently an Environmental Humanities Researcher at Bath Spa University where he is part of Towards Hydrocitizenship, a transdisciplinary project exploring water and the eco-social against a backdrop of climate change and the Anthropocene.

He has a PhD in Theatre and Performance from Aberystwyth University. His thesis is entitled Locating National Theatre Wales: A Practice Based Enquiry into the Theatre Map of Wales and Practices of Location (2015).  He has trained with Mike Pearson, Eddie Ladd and Simon Whitehead. And he has worked with National Theatre Wales, Pearson/Brookes, Rimini Protokoll, Miranda Whall, Volcano Theatre Company, Emergence, MKA Theatre of New Writing, Culture Colony and Good Cop Bad Cop.

In 2014 he transformed a 500-year-old barn into a performance space, and in the summer of 2016 he swam with sharks. He can predict the outcome of a coin toss with 100% accuracy and has done so in front of a paying audience. He is also an award-winning paperboy.


Puntilla/Matti is presented at Kings Cross Theatre (Sydney), in partnership between
Theatre MK-Alpha and Doppelgangster.


SEP 22 – OCT 14