MKA’s PAVILION in Fitzroy Gardens was once called the The Kiosk (1908-the mysterious fire of 1960) and comes with a Miniature Tudor Village.

Recently it’s been a wedding venue and a cafe that no-one went to much at all. To be a Theatre is its destiny and finally fulfils its portentous, star-written purpose.

Like a comet passing through the firmament it is a spectacle of limited duration.

It’s happening from the First of January until the Twenty-Seventh of March 2022.

It’s a terrible place for a picnic. A dreadful location for 1hr of daily exercise that must end before curfew. It is the best theatre on the planet. Your future awaits. Uncertainly.

We are grateful to the City of Melbourne for looking the other way while we do everything in our powers to bring down the skyrocketing inner-city property prices. 

The Future

Coming Up

The Need To Know