Interrogate. Control. Behave. Relate.

In 2014 MK-Alpha formalised a residency program; taking use of the on-site accomodation at MK-Alpha’s Tanner Street Head Quarters. Presented here are some of the experimenters who have been awarded residencies. Levels of support,  investment and expected outcomes have varied from experiment to experiment

For more information on applying for a residency, organising an exchange or to contribute similarly please contact residency@mka.org.au

Resident Artists


Performance Maker / Performer / Producer

On two occasions in 2015 Ruby was supported with accomodation at the residency. The first occasion allowed her involvement as a performer/devisor on the Stage One development of MKA: 186,000. The second occasion gave her involvement, again as a performer/devisor on the Stage Two development of MKA: 186,000. This second period also allowed her the opportunity to work as a Senior Producer on subtxt festival, while developing her own work of performance installation – currently titled ‘an act of intimacy’ – as a part of the festival.


NICK SUN | Sydney

Comedian / Performer / Writer

Nick was supported with accomodation, and development assistance on a new performance text “As yet, Untitled: a play written as part of the requirements to justify having aquired a letter of support”. During his stay Nick also found employment as a writer/performer on a new science fiction film for SYFY Channel. He then said he’d never do comedy again, wrote a thank you card and got on a plane to India.


Hugh Sillitoe | Glasgow

Performance maker / Academic

Hugh was supported for a residency over a couple of months while he attended the Performance Studies International conference; and created and presented a new work – ‘One Tonne Fruit Bowl’ – concurrently to it, as part of MKA’s Hot!Hot!Hot! climate arts festival. In this period of time Hugh also continued his development of a new work, was one of MKA’s resident artists at Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Container for Play; and carried on his research for his PhD (University of Glasgow) A comparative ethnography of contemporary absurdist performance practices amongst theatre practitioners and socio-political activitists. 



Director / Actor

Ilias was supported for a fortnight residency while he attended Directors Lab, Melbourne Festival. In this period of time Ilias also continued his development of a new work with ambition to present in Melbourne in 2016-17.

Ilias Panagiotakopoulos is a Greek director and creator of performances who lives and works, mainly in Athens. In 2011, he founded the Urbn Theatr with a view to create contemporary, substantial, extrovert Theatre. As a director of Urbn Theatr he has presented various performances and shows in Athens and abroad. He is member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors lab, NY. As an actor he has participated in a variety of performances in collaboration with a few of the most important Greek directors and Theaters, including T.Moschopoulos and G.Lanthimos in settings as the National Theater and Edipaurus Festival. In 2004 he was the leading actor at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Athens Olympic Games directed by Dimitris Papaioannou.


SAM YOUNG | Melbourne

Actor / Writer / Singer

Sam was supported with accomodation, and development assistance on a new performance text about his time as a shop clerk in a sex shop. During his stay Sam was also a performer/devisor for Tobias Manderson-Galvin’s Thank You, Thank You Love. The two are continuing to work together on a number of projects including co-writing a performance text focusing on pick-up artists, The Artists.



Writer / Performer

Zoe was supported with accomodation, and career guidance during her stay, facilitating her participation in the Women of the World Festival 2017 at Footscray Community Arts Centre. Zoe is Artistic Director of TheCuttingRoomFloor.